Clint Brown

Songs I Grew Up Singing

During Covid Lockdown of 2020 I sat at my piano in my living room and began  to do a Facebook Live Broadcast and titled it. SONGS I GREW UP SINGING  I did this because in times of great discouragement and isolation in my life those songs gave me strength and comfort through it all.  So I thought what better way to minster to people trapped in their homes  than to sing those classic Hymns that I sang growing up.  I never dreamed that in less than 24 months over 2 Million people would  tune in and few those episodes of SONGS I GREW UP SINGING. It spoke volumes to me and confirmed in my heart that these songs  or not just a thing of the past their needed NOW.  I am so honored and proud to bring back the historical  SONGS I GREW UP SINGING in countless church services through my life.  These songs are going to take you back, Lift you up and remind you  of the Power and Presence of the God we serve. 
Clint Brown

I have been a part of the Christian music business for 40 years and I have seen all kinds of trends, different styles and genres of music come and go.  In saying that, I will be one of the first to say I love the music of today…I really do.  BUT I have always loved loved loved the true “heart music of yesterday”.  Those songs that I grew up singing at church or else at some of the first concerts I attended, when I first got saved.  Those treasured hymns and classic timeless songs of faith, where when one would hear the first line of the song, and it would tug at our heart strings.  Songs that brought me thru some dark valleys and pushed me to climb some major mountains.  Songs that would bring you such peace and joy in those dark times, and that would help soothe the hurt, struggle and pain that we all have walked thru. There are those of you, who may remember the first time you heard that opening line of  the legendary Dottie Rambo’s “Sheltered In the Arms of God”…I feel the touch of hands so kind and tender, they are leading me in paths that I must trod  or how about the classic lyric of the great Lanny Wolfe…surely the presence of the Lord is in this place, I can feel His mighty power and His grace…and the list goes on and on…think about some of your own songs that you grew up singing.  Such sweet memories and feelings abound for all everyone of us.  Echoes of grace, hope, mercy, the Cross and His constant redeeming love for us.

The minute that Clint Brown talked to our team about this idea and concept, I could not quit thinking about it.  The minute he threw out the title of the series, SONGS THAT I GREW UP SINGING, I immediately began to sing so many of the songs that had meant so much to me and that were my own true “heart songs”. 

We at Daywind Records are absolutely thrilled to partner with praise and worship extraordinaire, Clint Brown in bringing to you the “songs I grew up singing”  projects and brand. We cannot wait for you to be reminded of some of the most beautiful music and artistry of some true legends.

Dusty Wells | Director of Artist & Label Relations – Daywind Records

Get ready to experience some glorious times of music that will touch your heart…

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